Tradizionale é Molecolare – Molecular gastronomy (molecular cuisine)

My vision of cooking is a mix of my personal culture and experiences, but from scientist (from 1992)  we had a lot of new information about what is happening while we are cooking.

We know more now about the internal mechanism of cellules, proteines, enzymas …

So first of all we can cook better, because we know more.

“El saber no ocupa lugar” say spanish people, “the knowledge doesn’t need place”, so more we know more we can cook better, and easier.

This is the main objective: cook better

And for this reason, it is fantastic that a lot scientist in the world are making researches related with food, it will be possible to know more and more, and cooking better and better.

Create new dishes, improve old recepies, this will be the results of this new culture of food.

The influence of “Molecular Gastronomy Mouvement” is very important and is the future of  the basic knowledge of cooking.

Our “molekularny kuknia” in Sky Café is a game, is a kind of вызов, on tuesday we play.

We have this set menu, and we’ll add some new dish every week, I will play with your senses, how your brains interpret the signals from all your senses to tell you the “flavor” of food  (we will start with the “mint experiment”).

I will show you how what you see sometime it’s not the reality, but is its own reality.

I will try to make some confusion in your senses.

And I will finish the game with some “normal” food to come back to the reality of eating.

The others day of the week we’ll come back to “modern normal cuisine”, our lasagna, our fois gras, our risotto with asparagus and shrimps, but … are you sure when you eat some of our delicious dishes, normal classic dishes, are you sure that there is not any molekularny process inside?

Saluti Salati Saltati



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